Beta Group: 10 women, brand new climbers, no experience is mandatory

Confidence Boost Coaching



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Confession: I once upon a time walked into a climbing gym in Tucson, saw the huge walls, “pro” climbers lead climbing, the kids behind the desk giggling like they knew I was a newb. After not being greeted, I turned around and walked out.


I felt extremely insecure, intimidated and incompetent. That feeling stuck with me for a long time. I stuck with what I knew, outdoor routes and same group of friends. I wanted the option though, to climb when I traveled. But still, big climbing gyms were overwhelming, too many people watching, “judging”.

I decided to give in to my pride, set aside the ego and take a lesson. It was maybe a 30 min lesson but that 30 min gave me the confidence of a pro climber. That extra encouragement and reassurance was just what I needed to take the intimidating edge off. 


Is this you too?

Do you think climbing community intimidating?

Are you sitting on the sideline thinking “How fun! Badass! I’d love to be that ripped but there’s no way…”

But what about all the gear and equipment?? 

What about the lingo?? I don’t know what they’re talking about…


I am here to assure you, climbers are very friendly, like the most easy goin’, laid back humans ever, especially here at Rocks & Rec. And the only piece of fancy equipment needed are “magic” shoes, which are included.


Yeah, there are some silly words we use but guess what?! I’m gonna teach you! Along with all the basics you’ll need to know!  You’ll gain instant climber’s confidence, have support and encouragement all in a safe, private, secure space. You’ll face your “crux”, learn the “beta” to “send” your “project”! No one else there giggling, smirking, judging a first time climber. You’ll be sore but feel powerful after your first day. You’ll be able to show off your skills anywhere even after just a few short weeks.


This opportunity will allow you to tap into a niche of a niche and introduce you to some incredible people and experiences. A unique and special way to connect with others and yourself.


Instant.    Confidence.    Boost!


Get your boost now!

Private Lesson Beta Group!

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