The Top 8 Benefits of Rock Climbing for Your Health

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

The Top 8 Benefits of Rock Climbing for Your Health

Rock climbing is an incredible workout for your entire body. And there are other health benefits of rock climbing, too. Click here to learn about 8 of them.

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Have you ever thought about taking up rock climbing? This adrenaline rush of a sport is becoming more and more popular all around the states! Many people are making an effort to get outside and rock climb, while others are taking their interests indoors to rock climbing gyms.

Rock climbing is a huge thrill, an incredible workout, and, it does wonders for your mind, too. As you work your way up a challenging wall or a real-life climb in the great outdoors, you're really working your muscles and your brain in various ways.

If you're still on the fence about discovering everything this fun hobby can offer you, check out some of the top health benefits of rock climbing listed below.

1. Stronger Arms and Shoulders

This benefit is arguably the most obvious one rock climbing offers, considering much of your efforts come from the upper body. Still, it's incredible how much strength you can build in a short amount of time!

As you move up a wall, you're working every area of your upper body. From your biceps to all three parts of your triceps, the back and shoulders and even the neck, everything gets worked and builds strength together.

Plus, you're better able to maintain (and further develop) a good range of motion while advancing in your rock climbing abilities.

2. Muscle Toning All Over

In the same way that rock climbing builds a significant amount of strength in the upper body, it supports muscle growth all over the body.

Remember to touch your abs after your first climb. They will be more activated than you might think, and your legs may be a little sore the next day, too. This is because as much upper body strength as you use, you're still using the rest of your body to support yourself and advance in a climb.

You have to distribute weight evenly between your upper and lower body which activates the legs. At times, you'll find yourself shifting more weight into just one leg or arm - and you're going to need the strength to support such movements.

3. Better Cardio Performance

Once you start rock climbing on a regular basis, the muscular rock climbing benefits are clear as day. Here's something else that improves: your heart strength.

Of all the benefits of climbing, this is one of the most important. Good heart strength helps you maintain a high quality of life right now and supports the aging process as you get older. It makes a difference in everything from weight loss and blood pressure to your ability to perform intimately and overall attitude.

This all comes down to your resting heart rate. When you do cardio, you're using your working heart rate - a faster heartbeat that supports your efforts. The more you build a working heart rate while climbing, the stronger your resting heart rate becomes, too.

4. Increased Flexibility

Up next on the list of rock climbing health benefits is an increased amount of flexibility. Maybe it doesn't matter to you very much if you can touch your toes or do a backbend right now.

As you get older, though, you're going to wish you maintained a certain level of flexibility. This supports healthy joints and can help prevent injuries, too.

In terms of rock climbing alone, being flexible helps you reach the areas that used to be just out of range for you. It makes you a better climber and creates new opportunities as you navigate your climbs.

5. Stress Relief

Whether you're an advanced outdoor climber or a beginner indoor climber, there's one benefit of rock climbing that's always available to you: stress relief.

Sometimes, all you need to relax is to spend an hour or two on the wall. When you're rock climbing, you can't afford to think about that major deadline coming up or how you did on your last exam. You have to be completely zoned in, which means tuning all of your stress out.

Then, after the climb is done and you're back in the flow of daily life, you're able to reapproach whatever is stressing you out with a fresh perspective. It's a wonderful feeling.

6. More Self-Awareness

Another interesting mental benefit of climbing is the self-awareness it offers you. Going off the point of being "zoned in" mentioned above, you're not focused on the rocks in front of you alone. You're also thinking about every inch of your body as you climb.

Climbing makes you aware of everything from how tight your fingers are gripping something to how activated your legs are. It reminds you to use your abs to hold yourself up and challenges you to use your body in ways you might not have before.

This translates into the way you hold yourself up when you're sitting at your desk or driving your car. It also creates a new level of self-awareness in the way you think and approach a challenge.

7. A Higher Sense of Confidence

The better you get at rock climbing, the higher your sense of confidence becomes. This isn't a matter of ego. Your confidence doesn't come from being the best climber in the gym or from learning faster than your friends.

It's more genuine; the sense of confidence you achieve from rock climbing is hard-earned. It comes from attempting the most challenging wall over and over until you finally make it to the top. Confidence happens when you push your comfort zone and persevere through all the failed climbs that are sure to happen.

8. Improved Brain Functions

The final benefit of rock climbing worth mentioning is the improved brain functions available. As if a higher sense of self-awareness and more confidence weren't enough, climbing also gives you a better sense of problem-solving.

It shows you how to approach problems from a different point of view - literally. When you're on a wall and looking for your next reach or step, you're actually thinking ahead. You're putting together the pieces of how one motion will better set you up for the next until you reach your goal at the top.

Life works in the same way - you have to create goals for yourself and steps to get from where you are now to where you want to be. This may be in your education, career, or personal life. Either way, getting better at rock climbing helps you advance in those things, too.

Discover the Benefits of Rock Climbing for Yourself

It's one thing to understand there are many more benefits of rock climbing than just getting a good workout and another to experience them first-hand. While the physical benefits are incredible as you build strength and maintain mobility, the mental benefits of climbing are really something else.

Don't wait any longer to experience what rock climbing can do for you. Also, don't forget to have fun every step of the way! That's what climbing is really all about.

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