The Place to Start.

A Place to Grow.

A Place to Thrive.

Prescott Rocks & Rec was born out of desire to provide a fun and challenging indoor wall climbing experience at affordable rates. As seasoned climbers ourselves, we want to share our knowledge and passion of the sport, as well as its many benefits to the mind, body, and spirit.


On your first visit, you’ll be greeted by our friendly crew.  We can help show you the ropes or give you technical advice to give You The Best climbing experience on every visit. 

We are Fully Dedicated to ALL Visitors leaving with a Smile

Rock climbing is the ultimate and complete workout. It engages almost all your mental, physical, and psychological faculties. Don't be intimidated, our crew will make sure you feel confident, comfortable and assured before you climb.

No experience is required, we welcome all levels of climbers.

Our gym is a family of passionate climbers, which makes it the most supportive for New climbers. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn, strengthen, and socialize within the Prescott Rocks & Rec Family.

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